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What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is also called a research study. Under the supervision of a medical doctor and other research professionals, volunteers receive investigational treatments. These investigational treatments are made by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. These companies work with qualified physicians, also referred to as investigators, to oversee clinical trials to establish the benefits of investigational drugs.

What we do

Every day, millions of people participate in clinical research study as volunteers. All of the medicine that you, your friends, and your loved ones take – or have ever taken – is available to you because of a clinical research study! Clinical research studies are necessary to prove that a medicine or treatment is both safe and effective. Clinical research studies could not occur without people who are willing to participate. There is no substitution for volunteers who participate in these studies. They provide invaluable information and help assist physicians in attaining medical breakthroughs.

Why should I consider volunteering?

Clinical studies that are well-executed and well-designed are a good approach for eligible volunteers to:


Have an active role 
in your health care


Obtain access to new
investigational treatments


Help other individuals
by contributing to research

Who we are

Renal Disease Research Institute (RDRI) is an affiliate of Dallas Nephrology Associates (DNA). Our mission is to offer individuals the opportunity to participate in clinical research by managing scientifically feasible and ethical clinical trials.

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