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Our mission is to offer individuals the opportunity to participate in clinical research by managing scientifically feasible and ethical clinical trials.

RDRI is the research entity that allows Dallas Nephrology Associates to conduct clinical trials that will improve our future ability to treat kidney disease and give our patients the opportunity to receive cutting-edge therapy. 

All our investigators are active nephrologists within Dallas Nephrology Associates and have years of nephrology experience in both practice and research.

What Happens When Your Patient Joins an RDRI Study?

During the study, the participants will continue to see their primary care provider as well as their current treating nephrologist. Updates will be sent to the referring physician to keep providers informed of participant involvement. 

Patients are referred to studies at RDRI from across the United States and don’t need to be a Dallas Nephrology Associates patient to participate in a trial.

The Benefit of Your Patient Participating in a Clinical Study

Many patients who join a study become more compliant with their healthcare plan for several reasons. 

  • Being seen by a physician more frequently than normal. As a result, their disease—which may typically be followed up with their doctor every 6 months—becomes a bigger focus in their lives. 
  • The heightened focus on their disease and educational opportunities patients may receive while in a study can help them understand their disease better. 
  • More labs are conducted during the study, so patients become in tune with what is happening with their health. 
  • Patients could receive a stipend for their participation.

Do you have a patient who you think would be a good fit for one of our clinical trials?

Take a look at our current research studies or contact us today to see if your patient might be eligible.